Saturday, March 16, 2013


Ouh?  Is March now ! My personal important things is coming soon? What's was that? yup SPM RESULT release !!! * clap hands Lolol. Nervous? haha of course got it but i'm letting myself receive as relax mood better than a stress mood. Told myself no matter how is it , just giving a bright smile because that shows how much was my effort putting on it. If let say that i've no confident better than say i really not so hardworking during my exam period. I always let go my time for all the drama , sleep and relax like i'm a genius haha. So arrogant like that. So what can i do now is pray hard for god and depend on my luck! Still here wishes all the 95's batch students get a satisfied result and their parent feel proud of them!

Recently I was quiet enjoying my life with full of joy and happiness around my friends even thought we're graduated but still remain our relationship so closely. And also i knew few of new friends through a friend , They always called me out for singk , sure yes i'm lovin it also. I can't count how much times i go singk within this month ! What I figure out is REDBOX is the best for singk ! That is my recommend haha. The latest korea song there had all of it ! We just using our oseophagus for scream and shout not singing -,- lol really crazy until non limit ! After that i'm losing voice and cracked.

Today i was going to EDU FAIR again. I'm just going for ask another course that introduce by my cousin and i feel it quiet interesting so i wonder which course i'm going to choose. Now I still in the process for learning my driving and will intake on MAY.  When dinner i went for ate steamboat , omg I'm having a lot of fun there !! A lot of joke between that time and i laugh die lolol. Many customer was looking at us because of our laughing sound , oh my friends ~ embrassing , But WHO CARE THE DUDE ? LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG and enjoy it !

Simple T brought on today . 

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