Saturday, March 16, 2013


Ouh?  Is March now ! My personal important things is coming soon? What's was that? yup SPM RESULT release !!! * clap hands Lolol. Nervous? haha of course got it but i'm letting myself receive as relax mood better than a stress mood. Told myself no matter how is it , just giving a bright smile because that shows how much was my effort putting on it. If let say that i've no confident better than say i really not so hardworking during my exam period. I always let go my time for all the drama , sleep and relax like i'm a genius haha. So arrogant like that. So what can i do now is pray hard for god and depend on my luck! Still here wishes all the 95's batch students get a satisfied result and their parent feel proud of them!

Recently I was quiet enjoying my life with full of joy and happiness around my friends even thought we're graduated but still remain our relationship so closely. And also i knew few of new friends through a friend , They always called me out for singk , sure yes i'm lovin it also. I can't count how much times i go singk within this month ! What I figure out is REDBOX is the best for singk ! That is my recommend haha. The latest korea song there had all of it ! We just using our oseophagus for scream and shout not singing -,- lol really crazy until non limit ! After that i'm losing voice and cracked.

Today i was going to EDU FAIR again. I'm just going for ask another course that introduce by my cousin and i feel it quiet interesting so i wonder which course i'm going to choose. Now I still in the process for learning my driving and will intake on MAY.  When dinner i went for ate steamboat , omg I'm having a lot of fun there !! A lot of joke between that time and i laugh die lolol. Many customer was looking at us because of our laughing sound , oh my friends ~ embrassing , But WHO CARE THE DUDE ? LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG and enjoy it !

Simple T brought on today . 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


 If you're a kpop lover i'm pretty sure you know Malaysia is selected as a destine for held Golden Disk Award ( GDA ) right?! At first know about this news i'm not too excited because i though i can't go for it. The ticket price is so expensive and it cost rm699 and rm999. My parent sure not allow me to spend so much money for this event. I totally upset for miss about the award event because many kpop group comfirm to come M'sia is my favourite band!! One of them is Gdragon, yea Bigbang bias here <3 and other like Kara , secret , beast , 4 minute ,suju and so on.. I join a lot of contest try to win the tix pass but end up no any news send to my mail. At the time, i'm giving up for going and mayb just watch rebroadcast at youtube or what. Buttttttt ! on yesterday ! i receive a call from Iris, she talk so excited and ask me to guess what surprise she going to tell me. I try guess but all wrong, when she say " I have win the gda ticket for you ! Shout ! " Omaigoshhhh man, when i hearingi t feel creepy i keep repeat saying " are you serius?dont bluf me i'll take it as real " she say " yes, is sher lynn winning the contest from Digi Youth ". My tears drop lol. Too happily !! I never expect sher lynn will give me the free rockpit zone ticket ! I'm just recongnize her about 5days. She treat me too kind <3 touch :'( 

So yeaaaa~ I'm going to GDA ! wohoo. Countdown for 2 days! Today buy some cardboard, flourescent paper, colour paper to make fanboard! And maybe do DIY t-shirt for my lovely Gdragon or secret/kara ! Hiakhiakkk. Early monday morning go to airport with Iris and her friends. So i'll overnight at Iris house haha. Lets screammm if you're to GDA too :)

Monday, January 7, 2013


2013 yrs really be out my luck? Haih. What can i expect within this year? From the 1st Jan i can know i got the bad feeling on everything I did on this long twelve months but i still believe that is not be destined. If i put effort on it , maybe my success rate would be up to half of hundred percent? That is my opinion. Well yesterday I'm upset for my undang test. Wake up at 430am to refresh everything i had read before going to do my test but at the end........ once finish answer those 50ques and double check , click to the button OK. Result pop out and shown " GAGAL " wadafuqqq-,- Totally freak me out and stun about 10sec there. Haha yay I'm so dumb. Even the undang also can failed. About to cry lol. My friend say she doesnt read anything but she pass while i study was failed. HAHAHAHA I'm too cute right? kkk. I knw that not matter larh~ is my thought.

After discuss with my uncle and family about which college i enter, the answer still the same ( CONFUSED ) aigo this problem make me headache. Every week also need to do research to know more detail about my course and which college is more suitable for me. Hope the final decision will as fast as possible if not my brain gonna be corrupt lol. And the most thing make me uneasy is Spm result. I really wondering what would i get ler. Damn this is the first time i so desperate want to know my result. Because of this my i had nightmare. Lol that is no joke. Sometime i think i'm crazy haha.

Yesterday and today i receive call from GIORDANO and POPULAR so i went to interview both. After that i'm confused again what to work lol. erm maybe i'll choose Giordano because of their salary hahaha. yea $$$ is my choice lol. This few days i get flu and cough , feeling sleepy all day long and i think is due to my everyday morning sleep and lack of drinking water. So after start my work my life would change a liitle bit. No freedom No late sleep No shopping No family day No kpop shows at midnight . Everything also NO no no nooooo~ FTW.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Today is another day for meet my best buddy before a day she enter National Service. So we decide have a gathering before she leave us for 3 months:) Therefore Me Jean and Gene went to leisure mall about 1pm. I'm late for reached there because had to wait my uncle to fetch me. After that,we had a meal at Oiso as lunch. I'm full like hell but still eat a little bit by sharing half with Jean lol haha. We chat a lot while waiting our food come for serve. Our topic : College , Kpop and a lot of crap :P Feel so grateful our relationship didnt change even we quiet a month no meet each other after we graduated. Really miss those moments when four of us sit together and chitchat with no limited. Unfortunately , our munyee honey and shileei unable to join us, if not the gathering would be more fun and nicer. Well i know that still have another chance waiting for us, right baby?  

OK, we finished our lunch about 2hours? haha. In other way , Iris come to find us too since she was on break time :) I love the crazy buddy Iris alot ! She is so humorous =) After that we went to cinema and watched " The Last Tycoon

Commet for this movie : So so~ haha. actually not bad larh. But i know so much 18XX scene was cut , oops. Lol . Finished movie both of them help me looking around for vacancy. Write down my name on few shops, hope they will give me respond as fast as possible :( And tomorrow i gonna interview Daiso. Hope it is successful for me. Pray for me! Jean went back early like 6pm because of her sister while gene and I went back 8pm :) Before my dad arrived , I and gene went to WongKok to had high tea? hahaha lol. She tomorrow will go for ns :( I miss her a lot, yeah is A LOT ! I told her for tweets us once allow to take back phone ! 

And haha today when i went back home i opened my facebook and saw someone was inbox me and say goodbye for me, awww should be sweet or sad or happy? I don't know~ But all of it come on sudden! Btw        wish him goodluck and take care :) *friend 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New year had begin everything just looking forward with all fortune and best. Let pass as your lesson and memories. In the 2013 I wish my life is full of joy , spm get well result and become a wealthy woman hahaha!
Since now i having my 3months holiday so i freaking free for update and activate back my blogger. So sorry for my blog because i had abandon here about 10months :P Yay so now i'll try my best to be at here ! Please stay tune for my new post. Lol 

My new selca on the 2013.. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buddies moments

Yup, blogging time start :)
这个月和sistars & brothers都聚多离少, 这当然是件开心不得的事了
和他们在一起因该从FORM3 过后到现在才常聚在一起了吧

去年这的感觉他们好像隔了一道墙 , 没有共同的话题 , 出约的对象不是我们..
真的希望我们彼此有的默契 , 大家的笑点都会一直常绕在我们的周围..
当然之前没什么话题的我们俩,自从大家同坐一块,也慢慢培养一些默契..你的笑根我也慢慢开始适应,脾气个性也慢慢从每件事了解 =] 是个可以打开心房和我聊心事..当然有时你真很hyperactive! BUTILIKEIT ! =D

Buddie's times !! 
上两个周六,我们到 USCI ,去的原因是听ICT software 的一部分教学,是真的没什么有趣LOL

attenting 了学校主办的BM CERAMAH 说什么老师有多好,他的way to answers问题很棒
LOL 从头到尾我真的有种被骗的感觉-,- 上他的课,不能聊天,不能玩 真的很bekcekkk! 
当当当~~ 我们花了不知多少眼力和发挥大家的艺术天分送了给 瑶瑶 一份生日礼物

它是一分全部从只是布料做成的蛋糕礼物店! 我看了都超爱!^__^
也因为这样我SKIP了补习! 哈~



也是庆祝3月份生日的可萱!地点是SHABU LOT10..哈哈,那一天我笑到肚子快痛起来了!一帮好友里有一位开心果真的是非常要不得的好事!我们不同校学校拥有的朋友不同,在一起是还能说秘密聊八瓜, nothing is more valueable than this kind of friendships!


Sunday, March 4, 2012


哈 我还以为我会真的离开这部落然后再也不更新了
中5的生活学涯过得也蛮开心和充实的 ^--^ 和一班好友同坐感觉就是特别好
不知是否随着年纪也慢慢长大, 思想都会变得有差异.. 每一件事都会把它分轻重来看待..
或取这也是个不错的好事, 不会想往年一点小事就会吵起来 或说些难听的字眼..
对朋友也一样 , 现在真的会分辨谁真的值得我去珍惜或吐出心事然她知道~..

有的时候不是我小气 , 但对于我的人格来说 我真的很不喜欢没礼貌的人
我会生气, 真的..

明天是3月的小测  我还不知死活的在上网!!  哈 这快成了我的坏习惯
每次温书到一半 自然而然的会去做别件事,,过后就分完心了!!
祝我一切顺利!! ^______^